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We specialize in “Downtown” projects, including renovations, restorations, new infill construction, and related tenant build-outs.

General Contracting

JC Beal Construction LLC provides a wide range of construction management services to both public and private owners. Foremost among those is traditional General Contracting, the provision of construction services for a fixed price.

JC Beal negotiates many of these projects with its private repeat clients and seeks out opportunities to bid competitively to public owners and private clients alike in situations where it often finds itself on a “shortlist” of comparable and pre-qualified competitors.

Fire Damage Restoration

JC Beal Construction LLC provides Fire Restoration services for fire outbreaks that leave destruction, commonly referred to as fire damages, in its wake. There are different types and extents of fire damages. 

The scope and the trigger of the damage may inform the restoration procedure. Either way, JC Beal Construction LLC understands what is at stake and are fully prepared to handle the fire damage restoration since our professionals understand what it takes to clean after fire damage, especially if the intention is to salvage personal items.

Construction Management

JC Beal Construction LLC performs much of its work on a Construction Management basis, signing on to projects early in the design process to support the owner’s decision-making process, providing early cost and development modeling, and other services as referenced in the Estimating and Pre-construction Services section.

Program Management services provided by JC Beal Construction LLC include Owner’s Representation, Regional Site, and Contractor Selection Assistance, Multiple Project Management, and continuing construction management services support.

Design / Build

With in-house architectural services available, JC Beal Construction LLC can provide “one-stop” responsibility for both design and construction. Services include:

  • Conceptual design and space planning
  • Preliminary construction cost models
  • Code and zoning analysis
  • Construction document preparation

With a single source for design and construction, the owner has assured continuity between all involved, frequently resulting in faster project delivery and better value.

Estimating / Preconstruction

Supporting their clients early in the preconstruction process is an important aspect of the services available from JC Beal. Clients, often undecided about whether and/or how to proceed, can benefit from the following services to help frame their decision process.

  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Conceptual and Budget Estimating
  • Development Modeling and Project Financial Analysis
  • Tax Incentive and Tax Abatement Assistance
  • Public and Traditional Financing Support
  • Zoning, Building, and miscellaneous Permit Expediting

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