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Canham Natatorium

Advancing an invaluable resource

Canham Natatorium

Advancing an invaluable resource

Canham Natatorium

This project corrected numerous deficiencies in the original design. An aggressive schedule required JC Beal Construction to develop a “critical path” method using 15,000 square feet of staging platforms located 40 ft. above the pool deck to break the work down into eight overlapping components that were physically separated from one another. This “project within a project” method contributed to JC Beal Construction winning a WCA Pyramid Award for Best Innovation.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Infrastructure improvements including roof repair, new lighting,
air handling and humidity control,
pool lining, and water filtration

JC Beal Construction Inc.
U of M Plant Extension
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc.
McNamee, Porter and Seely, Inc.

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2000 Pyramid Award – Best Innovation for staging methods and “project-within-a-project” scheduling.

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