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 UM S.T. Dana Building
 Renovation Phase 1

UM's first "green construction" project maximizes the reuse of existing materials and long term energy savings.

The first phase of this project for the School of Natural Resources and Environment included the enclosure of a large open courtyard through the installation of a huge skylight structure and a new roofing system, and significant improvements to the mechanical and electrical systems. Much of the fourth floor (formerly attic) was transformed into usable space. The "green construction" components of this project included the reuse of brick, wood rafters, and other materials, careful recycling of unused materials, plus the incorporation of features to facilitate long term energy savings and future recycling capabilities. This project was recently featured in CAM Magazine.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Renovation of the UM S.T. Dana Building according to innovative environmental objectives

JC Beal Construction Inc.
U of M Plant Extension

Gold LEED Certification from the     U.S. Green Building Council     (USGBC)
2007 Honor Award for     Sustainable Design from the     Michigan Chapter of the     American Institute of Architects     (AIA)

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